What we do

From design to die-cast mold

Each of our high-quality molds is the result of a tight collaboration with our customers, beginning from the early concept stages to the final tooling of the mold.
Our process starts with a preliminary analysis to clearly define the specific requirements, the type of equipment used for diecasting or molding, the expected production life, the technical characteristics of the finished product, surface finishes and any customizations.
We can also offer support and specialized consultancy to our customers' technical and design offices, which can be very beneficial for the correct and cost-efficient development of new products.

what we do
what we do
what we do

Application sectors

Our molds are employed to produce components for multiple market sectors, including but not limited to:
automotive, mechanical reducers, hydraulic, pneumatic, electric motors and power

generators, photographic equipment, video surveillance, automation for gates and doors, heating, and air conditioning, doors and windows, furniture, awnings, satellite antennas/receivers.